Socialist News Bulletin: Austin DSA is Getting an Office!

On Saturday, we rallied alongside AISD teachers, students, building trades unionists, and climate activists in support of a Green New Deal for Public Schools. We know that the only way to overcome the climate crisis and create a better world in the process is through organizing working-class people into a powerful, unified force that can challenge capital. The convergence of socialist and labor activists around the demand for a Green New Deal for Public Schools and the victory of our local campaign to pressure Lloyd Doggett is a small, but significant, step in the right direction. We’re not stopping here, join DSA and come to our campaign debrief next weekend to find out how you can get involved in our ongoing efforts to organize workers to fight climate change.

In other exciting news, our chapter overwhelmingly approved a resolution proposed by the Leadership Committee to allocate funds toward leasing an office for chapter use. This is a big step for our organization and shows the great progress we’ve made over the past few years. Having an office will give us a central area to do administrative work, host meetings, print literature and create posters, and hold socialist social events. It will also serve as a home to the chapter, with a library of socialist literature which members can use and contribute to and walls lined with radical art and campaign posters from our years of organizing. An office will also give us the beginnings of a physical presence for our organization and the socialist cause in Austin, which will be necessary as we continue our task of organizing ever-greater numbers of working people into mass action. If you’re excited about building our organization, consider making a 5 or 10 dollar donation to the chapter:

In addition, the Austin DSA chapter blog continues to post great socialist content. This month’s edition of Reading Roundup, in which local socialists recommend a book they’ve found useful, is out here. Next, we sat down with an Austin stage worker and IATSE member to talk about local working conditions and the causes of the potential strike. Finally, our latest editorial deals with the tactical debate around the role of worker co-operatives in the socialist movement and argues that they can help further our cause — give it a read here. If you have a workplace story or an editorial on a pressing political topic you’d like to share, send us an email at!

Solidarity forever,

The Austin DSA Leadership Committee


Looking to get involved? Here’s a list of upcoming events. RSVP to stay updated. You can find all Austin DSA events on the calendar page of our website.

New Member Orientation
When: Thursday, September 30, 7:00–8:30pm
Where: Zoom! Sign up 

​Welcome to the Austin chapter of Democratic Socialists of America! At this orientation we’ll learn about how our chapter operates, the basics of socialism, and how you can get involved in our chapter’s work. There will also be a chance to meet other new members.

Socialist Skate Party!
When: Saturday, October 2, 1:00–3:00pm
Where: Bartholomew’s Roller Derby Track, 2104 E 51st St

All wheels welcome! All skill levels welcome! Kids welcome! Dogs welcome (as long as they won’t be freaked out by skating)! The skating area has a fence all the way around it, so it is ideal for beginners or people that haven’t skated for awhile. People roller skate, roller blade, and skate board there, and kids ride their scooters sometimes, too.

This is a public park area with plenty of space and shady spots to picnic, but you might want to bring a blanket and/or chairs. There is also a disc golf course. It’s hit or miss whether the bathroom there will actually be open, but there are public bathrooms up the street at the Speedy Stop.

Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen! Wear your protective pads and helmets! DM Xtin with questions.

Defund/Decrim Campaign Committee Meeting
When: Sunday, October 3, 5:00–6:30pm
Where: Zoom! Sign up 

Join us for our weekly campaign meeting!

Electoral Committee Meeting
When: Tuesday, October 5, 7:00–8:30pm
Where: Zoom! Sign up 

Join us for our monthly meeting! Here we strategize, collaborate, build the organizing resources and trainings, and plan the electoral campaigns that will win the decade for Austin’s working class.

Interested in joining the Electoral Committee? Our meeting is open to all members and needs your voice to build the best possible campaigns for our city. RSVP for the Zoom link!

Red Square: Open Political Discussion
When: Wednesday, October 6 7:30–9:00pm
Where: Zoom! Sign up 

Join us for Red Square, Austin DSA’s weekly political education and discussion event. Meetings begin with a brief presentation from a DSA member on a salient political topic followed by open discussion.

If you’re new to DSA or democratic socialism, this is a great place to ask questions and engage in low-stakes political discussion with like-minded people. No preparation is required and all are welcome. Please join us if you’re a comrade who feels like there’s so much to learn, and invite your socialist-curious friends!