About Red Fault

Red Fault is a publication of Austin DSA.

Why We Publish

We stand for socialism: the collective and democratic control of the government and economy by the working class. In recent years, we have seen the effects of escalating crises of the capitalist system: ecological destruction, a global pandemic, worsening exploitation and working conditions, the breakdown of our financial system and global supply chains, and murderous wars. The only solution to these compounding crises is building power for the working class, which, despite making up the vast majority of people in our society, lacks representation in the governing institutions of the state and the economy.

One way to change the present order of things is giving working people representation in the popular media. Our country is dominated by capitalist-controlled media which does scant, if any, reporting on the lives of working people and their struggles.  If we ever want to overcome the great power of the capitalist class, the working class needs political and cultural institutions of their own. Red Fault aims to provide an outlet to amplify the lives and struggles of regular working class people in Central Texas. To that end we will publish reports on labor and tenant organizing, interviews and reflections from organizers, editorials on pressing political issues, and more.

The name of our publication, Red Fault, refers to both Austin’s location atop the inactive Balcones Fault Line and the metaphorical fault lines underlying capitalist society; the divisions between rich and poor, boss and worker, landlord and tenant. Through the work of this publication, alongside our political and labor organizing, we hope to expose these societal fault lines and identify routes to socialist transformation.

If you’re new to Red Fault, we recommend our piece “Democracy Demands Socialism” as a place to start!

We want to hear from you. Do you have a workplace story or editorial you’d like to share with us? Email us at redfault@austindsa.org!